AT Get Together

The 'AT Get Together' is a wonderful way to keep your AT practice lively and active. We started these meetings in March 2020 and noticed that applying AT principles for activities together on Zoom actually works well, and is quite a lot of fun.

I recommend this class for people who already have a basic idea of the AT principles. If you are a beginner wanting to join the online group lessons, you can always add a few private lessons later to get some individual attention and guidance. The activities as such are not the Alexander Technique, as there is no exercises to learn in the AT. Instead we practice non-doing and unlearning in activities! 

The meetings are online via Zoom. You need a working internet connection, a chair (preferably unpadded) and a comfortable surface (yoga mat, carpet etc.) to lie on for an Active Rest exercise.

Money should not be an issue for joining these online group sessions! To be able to keep the price low, I will spend minimal time on administration. Instead of checking participants and writing invoices I will use the time for planning the sessions and leave it up to you to pay a suggested monthly fee of 15€. You can also choose to pay more, less or even nothing if you are out of work and in a severe financial struggle. I'd much rather see you at Friday morning's AT Get Together than see you dropping out! 


To ensure a place in the meeting, please use the online booking.

See you soon!


16 April
9:30 - 10:15
€15 / month